Sunday, June 3, 2012

Well, Here I Go!

"The Journal Keeper" by Sandra Rast


Blogs are fancier, glitzier and visually more fabulous than black ink on white paper, and they are the 21st century version of journals.  For many years I have kept a journal.  I started keeping entries in 1970 in my first Peanuts calendar and over the following years I continued sporadic entries in other Peanuts calendars.  I didn't begin daily entries until I went on my mission in 1975.

I can't say that my mission entries were of any literary value, and the daily entries were pedantic and personal, but the writing of a journal is more important than its contents.  I include the mundane, routine and tedium of my day in my journal books,  but the process of writing in a journal is a cathartic one.  I have read that writing a journal can be used for self direction and recovery.  

I believe this, therefore I write.



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