Sunday, June 3, 2012


The other day I was proud that I came up with a new word.  My word describes men of a certain age who mature and take on the same problems of a classic car...they look better outside than they function inside.

I called my new word "Mantique".  Oh, aren't I clever and original?  Not really!  I found out through an internet search that 'they' have been using my 'new' word for years.

Frinstints: There is an online store called "MANTIQUES" offering "vintage, antique & collectible man stuff".  

Here is an exciting example...a set of antique tools.

These two Silver Foxes represent mantiques as I define 'my' word.  Don't they look great!  It is my guess that they are a mess inside. 

Cup guy drinks too much coffee and probably has high blood pressure.


Plaid guy probably loves BBQ, and therefore suffers from high cholesterol, at least.

Wow!  All of a sudden I am craving a half slab of baby back ribs slathered with honey barbeque sauce...

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