Sunday, June 3, 2012


I found out yesterday that 'they' have made a movie version of the musical Les Miserables.  The movie trailer shows impressive art design, a handsome cast and good director.  In my excitement of this news, I listened to the two-disc cast recording.

Each time I listen to this cast recording I want to like it better than the previous times I listened to it.  This was not the case yesterday.  Getting through the entire show was a chore.  I think part of the problem is in the casting.  Some singers evoke too much melodrama, whining and over the top vocal performances.

I know that Hugh Jackman (Renaissance Man and Major Hunk) as Jean Valjean will be more vocally masculine than Colm Wilkinson.  Please, let it be true!

In other film news, Lydia told me yesterday that 'they' have made a new movie version of one of my top favorite novels, "The Great Gatsby", which will be released in December.  Hollywood will introduce us to a new Jay Gatsby.  I still remember the 1974 film version starring the suave Robert Redford.

So who will be our new Gatsby?  "Brad Pitt", you say!  He would be a perfect Gatsby!

No!  The movie makers have selected the baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio. ???

If I had eaten dinner last night, I would have lost it, right there in my swimming pool.  As Lydia and her Dad will attest, I shouted out, "No! No! No!" and spun around in disbelief, as if I had just heard that they cancelled Criminal Minds.

I can only imagine that director Baz Lurhmann has a mancrush on little Leo, and is blinded to reason.  It couldn't be for his box office draw, since there are many more popular Macho and Masculine actors who would better suit the role, and who would still bring in the dough.  Leo is Milquetoast and Miscast once again.  All the facial hair and scowling he purports in his photos will never hide the child inside that still comes across on screen.

Next they will be emasculating vampires in movies replacing the romantic and dashing Bela Lugosi and virile Christopher Lee with young twinkish...hey, wait a minute!

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