Tuesday, June 12, 2012


One reality that men of a certain age have to look forward to is the inevitable prostate exam.  Although most men don't even think about their prostates until they get older, there comes a point when they have to give it some mental attention, as difficult as that may be.

What is a prostate.  This walnut-sized wonder is responsible for the continued proper function and enjoyment of, let's say, man's favorite pastime.

Like they show on the commercials, if a prostate is enlarged men need to make frequent "pit stops" as they drive their classic cars down the Route 66 of life. 

Men with these symptoms should decide what they should do.
They need to have their prostate checked out.  Some men may try to do this themselves, but this should not be encouraged.

It is safer and more effective to have a a professional handle this special procedure.

They will see a Urologist (a fancy name considering what these doctors have to do all day), and have the doctor give you your very own prostate exam.  With the dexterity of a concert violinist, he will use his finger to check you out.

Men throughout history have endured prostate exams, as depicted in art and film...

I am reluctant to explain the procedure, so I will use graphics to show how it's done...

1) The patient follows directions to go into the exam room

 2) The doctor directs the patient to the exam table

3) The doctor explains what to expect during 
    the exam, then the unique experience begins

4) Here is the patient in the middle of his exam

These smiling faces show how happy these men are following their prostrate exams. They know that they have done something good for their health, even if for the rest of the day they feel like they have survived hazing by the members of a gay frat house.


What to expect if the doctor says that a patient needs to have a biopsy performed to rule out cancer...

First...the shot to numb the bum...

Second....the doctor gets out his special tool and snips away twelve or so pieces of the enlarged prostate....

After a long while, the doctor completes this barely intrusive procedure and gently removes the tools of his trade.

Once the patient goes home, he will have the joy of waiting for the biopsy results to be revealed.  How exciting this period of time can be....just like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

Men often need motivation to get off their butts and expose them to to a doctor, so he can put his finger on the problem.

There is a good deal of information put forth in this post, and an awful lot to understand.  

I have always believed that musicals are the best way to introduce folks to new subjects.  I can see it now.  I can't wait for the cast recording to come out...



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