Wednesday, September 5, 2012


In 1966 the California Angels had their first baseball game at the then brand new Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.

 Angel Stadium - Inaugural 1966 Season

Sometime during the Inaugural Season my entire family went to a game.  That is, all except me.  I was sick, so I spent the evening resting on the family room sofa watching TV.

I vividly remember watching a movie about pirates and a girl singing about "Mack the Black (on the Caribbean)".  That is the only part of the song I remembered for years.  Funny how little memories from your past stick in your head.

Years after this evening I learned that the movie I was watching was the MGM musical "The Pirate".  The songs were written by the great Cole Porter, and the stars of the film were Gene Kelly and Judy Garland.  Oh my gosh!  Judy Garland!!

 On Sheet Movie Poster Of "The Pirate"

Friends and family members who know me well understand why I feel that that evening was a sort of destiny for me.  Judy MGM movie musical...Cole Porter.  You do the math.

Was it coincidence or fate that kept me home that night.  Instead of attending a sporting event I was home watching performing icons Gene And Judy...

 Gene & Judy

...hearing songs by an iconic songwriter ("family")...

 Cole Porter

...and seeing one of the many great MGM movie musicals directed by iconic director Vincent Minnelli ("family")...

 Vincente Minnelli

On that night in 1966, I may have missed a new professional baseball team's arrival to Orange County, but I discovered, quite by accident, another professional team of tremendously talented and creative MGM employees. 

For that I will always be grateful!