Sunday, June 3, 2012


Some years ago, a new friend and I had the chance to stay free for a couple of nights at a Lake Las Vegas resort about 20 miles east of the the Strip.  We arrived, unloaded our luggage and made a beeline for the reception desk.

Having an interest in Historical Styles and Architecture, I immediately noticed a Moroccan-style vase in a nearby wall niche.  (I'm thinking "Vawz", but you can think "Vayce" if the other sounds too pompous; I won't even get into the "neesh" or "nitch" debate).  

Desiring to flaunt my college knowledge I asked the receptionist, "Is that Moroccan?".  She half muttered, "um-hum", and that was that.  I felt a bit deflated.

My friend and I checked into our room and settled in.  I sat down on the couch to rest and noticed a large coffee table book before me.  The book was a photo-filled tribute to Moroccan architecture and design in furniture, lamps, vases, etc.  In addition to this book I found a brochure on the resort.  Suddenly a high-wattage light bulb went off over my head.

I realized that the entire resort's interior and exterior design was Moroccan-themed!  In our hurry to unpack the car and register,  I had failed to notice all the exterior Moroccan arches and decor.  I failed to notice the ceiling lamps and furniture in the lobby.  It wasn't until I was semi-settled down at the registration desk that I noticed that vase.

Curse you Moroccan Vase!  I realized that I had been stating the obvious to that receptionist, and that my attempt to show my sophistication instead showed my ignorance.

To make a long story short, (which I never can),  my family and I now have a catch phrase to use when I come across something that it obvious to everyone else but me.  I call it having a "Moroccan Moment".  When caught in these Moroccan Moments (which are happening more and more frequently) I sarcastically say to myself, "Is that Moroccan?"  Nuff said!


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