Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cast Recordings Of Stage Musicals That Exist 
Only In My Imagination

This show must be produced before December 2012, 
just in case... 

Attack of the giant fleas?  Well, it's worth a try!

I concocted this idea as a joke before I learned that there have been three attempts to musicalize the iconic Hitchcock film.  I think it could work as an opera.

Can you imagine the choreography in this show, having a giant ventriloquist dummy lumbering all around the stage?

Pia Zadora lauded as a legendary actress?  Maybe in some parallel universe.

The budget for stage blood used in this production would be astronomical...causing ulcers for its producers.

One has to be familiar with England's Hammer Films studio to truly appreciate this show.

I know that this show would have a good-sized gay following, so it should do fabulously well on Broadway.

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