Friday, June 8, 2012


Is there anything more precious in the world than a baby, except maybe gold, classic cars, Universal monsters, musicals, Quincy Cat...?

People seem to think that there is nothing cuter than a baby.

 Anyone who has had children remembers the joys of child rearing...

Their sweet faces...


...they are all so cute at that age.

I have found some wonderful tips for Taking Care Of Baby.  I don't see how these ideas can be anything but helpful to prospective parents:









Yes, raising children is a magical time for parents.

Parents learn quickly to adapt to a life with children.  Once the babies grow up, parents learn to take care of their older children, helping their children learn independence.

They will learn ways to keep children safely occupied...


...sometimes, though, It's A Good Thing to leave your child alone, to develop his special skills on his own, without getting in his way.

The right sitters are important!  They must be carefully selected... when they are present in the home, they will be attentive to the needs of these young tykes.

Taking care of baby is an important job.  Remember that the children raised today will be the leaders of tomorrow...
 Little Adolf H.


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  1. Very funny. I hadn't seen a lot of these do's and don'ts. I guess I was just lucky my kids turned out okay so far...