Monday, July 2, 2012


What is one of the first things kids are taught when they are old enough to understand?  It's rude to point at people!

When an adult points at another adult, they can feel intimidated or if the pointer is telling them that there is something they have to do or understand. They can feel that the pointer is telling them off.  That's no good.

I have assembled a collection of pointers.  Since they are advocating peoples assistance with the war effort, I guess it is OK to point...but they sure look bossy... 


 Looks like the BRITONS guy is starting and ending this collection...he's very assertive!

I still feel that the only good points or pointers are: 

The Pointer Sisters:

"Hey You" Get your hair cut, will ya!

West Point:


Points in Scrabble:

What the fudge?

English pointer dogs:

 Point away, Rover!

and of course...

Pointed Heads:

 Cranial Cone

Now that I've made my points, I'll be off to another page.


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