Wednesday, July 11, 2012

 By Kendall Davenport

This week I wanted to add some additional art images of LDS temples to my folders.  I was immediately impressed with the artwork of Kendall Davenport.  Using Adobe Photoshop he strives for realism in his work.

From his own website,  Kendall, he states:

“I am in a computer at the canvas, that canvas is as real as any out here. The tools are real but they are not a brush and a palette of oils. My palette is parts of this program. I can get textures, light and dark, and as many other feelings as I want, and put them in these paintings.”

It took considerable effort to find a way to get these paintings produced in a tangible form. After much research he found out about the Iris Giclee printer that had a wide enough color gamut to produce all the colors he had painted. Bringing the paintings to life was not as simple as clicking on a printer icon. It took extensive proofing for days. It finally worked! Kendall said, “When I saw the finished painting the hair on my neck stood on end, and I shouted, ‘I did it!, I did it!’”

Kendall said, “ I want people to feel like they’re standing right at that place, and then I want them to feel the peace, the healing, the renewal, the assurance, the hope that nature has in it.”

Mr. Davenport has assembled a portfolio of Latter-day Saint temples that are beautiful and truly inspiring...

 Billings, Montana

 Billings, Montana

Billings, Montana
"Radiant Holiness"

 Boise, Idaho

 Bountiful, Utah

Denver, Colorado
"Divine Love"

 Idaho Falls, Idaho
"Come Unto Me... And I Will Give You Rest" - Gold

 Idaho Falls, Idaho
 "Come Unto Me... And I Will Give You Rest" - Blue

Las Vegas, Nevada
"Dawning Of Brighter Hope"

 Logan, Utah
"Welcome To The Temple"

 Los Angeles California, California
"A More Excellent Hope"

Manti, Utah
Newport Beach, California
"Joyful Returning" 

Portland, Oregon
"Portland Gem" 

Redlands, California
"Reverent Joy"
 Rexburg, Idaho
"Beauty Of Holiness"

Rexburg, Idaho
"Looking Up" 

 Salt Lake, Utah
"Living Fountains, Eternal Life"

 Salt Lake, Utah
"Reverent Visit, Sacred Square"

San Diego, California

Seattle, Washington
"Purified Silver, Treasured, Eternally His"  

St. George, Utah
"Peaceful Interlude" 

St. George, Utah
"Rain And Light" 

Twin Falls, Idaho
"Living Waters" 



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