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Why is it that some people are creeped out by the site of dolls or ventriloquist dummies?  Could it be the lifeless stare from their artificial eyes...their not-quite-right human appearance...or the feeling that they come alive and walk around at night causing mischief?

Not all dolls are creepy.  Some can be quite beautiful, like the ones below...


I am referring to baby dolls, little girl dolls, and other dolls representing children; the same goes for ventriloquist dummies.  These dummies have piercing eyes, sinister smiles, and I suspect they harbor homicidal thoughts.  Without supervision, they would also cause trouble...

I'll bet he doesn't even have a learner's permit!

Let's take a look at some of these fake folks that fascinate and freak us out.  First...

Basket of babies

 Oh yeah!  This one walks around the house at night!


 Don't cross this cutie!

 Robert is a very bad fellow!

They're talking about you...

Don't let their innocent looks fool you!

 Once upon a time, I'll bet she was a cutie!

 Land of the giants?


She has a "You-Better-Be-Nice-To-Me" face

Mal Occhio...evil eye!

 Come join us!

 What the fudge?

A baker's dozen of creep


Alien hybrid?

A dandy pair to find at the foot of your bed during the night
What kind of person would put this face on a doll?

 Chucky's cousin?


Nice girl, creepy doll...


Nice dolls, creepy girls....


                    She's gonna get you!

 Too real, yet not quite real enough!

 No comment!

"Sometimes that shark looks right into ya.  Right into your eyes.  And, you know, the thing about a shark...he's got lifeless eyes.  Black eyes.  Like a doll's eyes."   - Quint from "JAWS".

This photo was taken just after the doll turned her head towards the photographer.
 (Not really)


 Wave back...if you dare!

 "The Eyes Are The Window Of The Soul" -  English proverb

 I love this gal!  She's creepy, but intentionally so.

The following three dolls are creepier looking than most of the ones above...

 I found this image years ago, and it still freaks me out!

The doll above is a tribute to Bette Davis as the older Jane Hudson from "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?".  You should listen to the song link above for an extra dose of creepiness.


 I can't decide if this one belongs in a little girl's room, or over the bar in a saloon. 
Happy boys...or are they?

 "Look into my eyes'!

 Victorian mourning dolls

 Beautiful girl, creepy doll

 Somewhere a little girl is under the subliminal demands of this doll.

 Super creepy!

These last two are especially creepy and odd...

This young girl is Babette.  She represents someone with the disease hypertrichosis, someone showing an abnormal amount of hair growth on the body.  Folks suffering from this disease were often in freak shows and carnivals.

Here is another oddity...can you figure out what's unusual about this picture?

Good for you if you figured out that the dolls aren't creepy in this figure...the little girl is.  In fact, she's DEAD!  It was common practice in the 19th century for families who lost love ones to pose and photograph the decedent in a natural setting, as a keepsake.  This practice was called Memento Mori, a remembrance of death.  (Look for a future post on this subject).

Here is an example of a Memento Mori doll.  Art imitating life!

Here is a good photo to segue from the dolls to the dummies.  Check out the"doll" front row center.

Now, before you can say Paul Winchell, 

it's time for the...


First...some vintage ventriloquist dummies...

 Dummy Harry with Paul Winchell's daughter, Rita

 What's with "Head" here?  

 Demonic smile...

 Can you pick the creepier face?

 "Hey, buddy!  Get a real job!"

Check out these next two photos. As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words"...

 Striptease Mamma!

Pillow talk

Onward, ever onward...

 From Obscura Antiques In New York City

 I think this guy was in one of my music classes at CSUF

This is the "starring" dummy from Dead Silence.

 A real wise guy

 Someone call "Village People", their Leatherman is missing!

 Dummies from the Vent Haven Museum


 The stereotypical lifeless eyes
 Unsettling...this guy looks a lot like me.

This could be a shot straight out of a Federico Fellini film.

 Another specimen from Obscura Antiques, popularized in the new show "Oddities".
A collection of creepy creations.  
After the photo was taken, the guy never made it out of the room...alive!

 Some severed dummy heads...I weep with joy!

 A darling doll for a little girl to come home to...?
 I once had a boss that looked just like this guy!

 "Wide-eyed and Mystified"

Funny thing about this one...a little boy left it in the closet when he headed off to school...

Again...what's with these eyes?!

 A "Ginger" dummy...Cartman would be freaking out!

 Another case where the dummy swiveled his head as the photo was taken.
 Great!  A "perv" dummy!

This guy is called The Undertaker.

 I hate to show my age but, "Gross me out!"

Big lips, big ears, big eyes, big hair...rouged cheeks and nose, and green eye shadow.  We hit the creepiness trifecta with this guy.

That's all folks.  If you liked this page, pass it on.  If not, your Dead Silence is appreciated.


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